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Kickbox Attack!

Biochemically, lactic acid build-up will cause fatigue in the muscles, and unless a proper rest period for its removal is provided, the participant will fatigue prematurely. Without such a proper rest period, the acid cannot be used as an oxidative fuel and may result in either a less-than-optimal workout (in the best-case scenario) or a potential cardiovascular or musculoskeletal incident (in the worst-case scenario). Such fatigue can lead to a breakdown in form and, therefore, potential musculoskeletal damage due to hyperextensions or the lack of ability of the antagonist muscles to decelerate the movement and thereby prevent mechanical injury.

kbExercise in general is disruptive to skeletal muscle and, therefore, must be limited in intensity. The nature of the movement should also be regulated. For example, an alternating punch combination can be thrown for a longer work period than a single