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Black Friday Christmas Shopping Rules!

It is funny how time flies. It wasn’t long ago when the year just started and now it is almost another year-end once more. In as much as we are excited over what the new year brings, we can’t help but feel excited about the idea of being able to eat, rest and relax to our heart’s content. It is like our little reward for working hard the entire year. Now, there’s more. It’s not just the holidays that get us pumped up but the thought of receiving gifts. Like how we love to be on the receiving end, many of us apparently have to give out gifts too. Whether it is for your family, friends, or the obligatory exchanges of gifts during the endless parties that the holiday brings, you have no choice but to shop for one (or more) or end up being branded stingy or worst, the Grinch.

For the average Joe, we love a good bargain. Imagine all the money you can save on your Christmas shopping if you are able to buy in bulk and with big discounts. One of the most looked forward to shopping sprees before the year’s end is the Black Friday sale. Who isn’t excited about it? Just look at the long lines every single year. It simply does not get old and has become a tradition for some families. The discounts are outrageous and you can definitely save a lot of bucks by braving the malls at this time of the year and fall in one of those long lines lining outside the various malls and shops.

In keeping with American tradition it always fall on the Friday after Thanksgiving meaning this year it will fall on November 24.

With Black Friday taking place before Christmas, it’s easy to see why it is so popular among shoppers, as it gives them a great excuse to sort out presents – at a fraction of the cost.

In previous years online retailer Amazon has remained a firm favourite thanks to its huge discounts on must-have items including PlayStations, Kindles and Fire Sticks.

(Via: http://www.devonlive.com/whats-on/shopping/black-friday-2017-best-deals-776075)

Many have dubbed the Black Friday sale the biggest shopping event of the year for a good reason. Some wait for it buying luxurious appliances like LED television because the discount is crazy. It is the perfect excuse to hoard as many staples and nice-to-haves are sold cheaply. If you still aren’t done with your Christmas list, this is the best time to finish it as you can find food deals for Christmas presents you are planning to give. With all the savings you can get, many people no longer mind falling in line for hours just as long as they can buy what they want without paying for the same price as they would when they buy it on ordinary days.

Walmart (WMT, -1.03%) has made the first of its Black Friday style deals available to shoppers online as the race to win the holiday season starts to intensify.

The world’s largest retailer, looking for a repeat of its strong 2016 holiday season when it bested rivals like Target (TGT, -8.50%), is offering a few deals on items such an Acer Aspire ES Laptop and the Xbox One S Console Bundle from Thursday through November 12, in the hopes of whetting shoppers’ appetites for the Black Friday shopping bonanza.

A full list of Walmart’s Black Friday deals that will only be available on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday itself is available here.

Other retailers including Kohl’s (KSS, +0.33%) and Amazon.com (AMZN, -0.88%) have also begun giving shoppers a foretaste of the deals to be had starting on Thanksgiving Day. (Many such deals, include Walmart’s, will be available online all day on Nov. 23 but only in stores later on Turkey Day. In the case of Walmart, the deals will be in-store starting at 6 p.m., as was the case last year.) On Wednesday, Best Buy also announced an early start to its Black Friday deals.

(Via: http://fortune.com/2017/11/09/walmart-black-friday-4/)

If shoppers prepare for the biggest shopping spree they do each year, businesses are just as prepared. They ensure their shelves are stacked to the brim so that people will have a lot of options and stocks can meet the people’s demand. There may be horror stories about people getting hurt during Black Friday sales because of the crowd but if you have noticed, the crowd has actually lessened over the years perhaps because many have discovered the joys of online shopping and no longer want to subject themselves to the hassles of buying for things personally when they can get the same deals and get the items delivered onto their doorsteps. So, take advantage of its lessening popularity to tick off everything in your Christmas list and at the same time save a lot of money you can put to good use instead of paying for overpriced Christmas presents.

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