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Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Much has changed in the world these days. While conventional careers are still a great way to make a living, there are newer opportunities now for those who aren’t afraid of pursuing new paths especially if you are tech-savvy and know your way in the crazy thing we call the web. And I’m not just talking about technical jobs that only a handful knows of. If you’ve been browsing the web, you’d notice that it is populated with content – written content to be exact.

Aside from old-school content writing, blogging is fast becoming a lucrative career in the World Wide Web. From social media influencers to vloggers, blogging has evolved to become a multi-faceted career where you don’t just get paid by advertisers but even receive lots of freebies or sponsored trips to events by sponsors with all expenses paid. And best of all, you don’t need to be a degree holder to be successful as a blogger just as long as you have a knack for writing and can write really engaging content that will get the readers hooked.

Singh has a few words of advice for other bloggers. “Don’t give up your full time job before you start making money as a blogger or an influencer,” she says, adding, “Stick to your niche. You won’t become successful overnight but if you keep working at it and stay authentic- success will come. Also, remember to post only good quality content. It is okay if you can’t post everyday as long as your content game is strong.”

Communicating and networking are also important in her book. “Try and see how people respond when you share your story with the world. Interact with other bloggers from different walks – even in the virtual space, networking is extremely important to make friends and be inspired by different accounts. Every once in a while, scroll through your feed and comment on accounts that inspire you and tell them why. Pay them a compliment but really mean it and follow up with a message to meet or chat. This goes a long way in establishing relationships, even in the online space.”

(Via: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/jia-singh-blogger-successful-blog-tips-wandering-for-wellness-lifest/1/967106.html)

Many popular bloggers nowadays with high site traffic really earn more than enough from their blogs but many will also agree that it isn’t always easy starting out. If you have plans to become a professional blogger yourself, it would help to know which blogging mistakes to avoid and not just solely focus on what to do to get your name and blog out there.

Many bloggers want to get their website at the top of search results right away. Some may want to build their subscriber list as fast as possible. Others may not know why or how to organize and measure their efforts. These are just a few of the common issues bloggers can have when they’re just starting out. It’s how mistakes can happen.
1) Wrong Priorities

Business bloggers are often guilty of choosing the wrong goals and techniques when creating content. These are two of the most problematic priority mistakes I see…

Mistake One: Prioritizing the Sale

A business thrives off of sales, so you may think your blog needs to push for that. Bloggers with the wrong priorities may create content that’s pushing self-promotion with the single goal of making an immediate sale.

That’s not how blogs are meant to be used, and it’s not how you’ll bring in business.

Writing blog articles that are sales-y and overly self-promotional will be a waste of your time and effort. Instead, take advantage of this better way to get sales from your blog…

(Via: http://www.business2community.com/blogging/7-blogging-mistakes-will-cripple-efforts-01853542#dmAimYDwdB6uQ6MQ.97)

Of course, most bloggers want to make money from their blogs but it isn’t always that easy. First of all, make sure you target the right audience if you want to monetize your blog by gaining qualified leads.

When you start blogging, writing post after post without getting a response or “like” can be quite discouraging. But remember that it can take a while for your target market to find you and spread the word. Don’t give up! There will come a point when your devotion and determination pay off. Your email list grows and your income rises with each passing month.

Make it a habit of posting on a schedule at least 2-3 times a week. Track the stats for when your people read the content. Schedule posts for those days and times. Train your audience to visit your blog on “new post” days to get the latest scoop.

Until your readership picks up, you can keep yourself busy by posting evergreen content that educates, engages, and informs your audience. These types of posts will still work hard for you years after you post them. Also, remember to share your posts on Facebook and other social media outlets to drive traffic to your blog.

(Via: http://www.business2community.com/blogging/top-10-blogging-mistakes-01830204#fofiZk8Ke6dPEtgh.97)

Nobody is perfect. Making these blogging mistakes is common especially when you’re just starting out whether you are a novice or a pro in the field. In order to drive traffic to your site, you have to make an effort in creating quality and engaging content that will captivate your readers and keep them coming back for more.

Having your own blog is also a great way to let people know that you are experienced enough in the industry and they can count on your expert words of advice on relevant questions and issues they may have about a related issue. Still, the road to success is a bumpy one, so try to avoid these mistakes as much as you can or overcome one after the other to deliver a blog that will not only generate money but the people’s thumb’s up as well.

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  1. Shivam Sahu

    Great list. I’d like to add one! ‘You write in block paragraphs and don’t reformat your post to emphasise certain messages’.

    It’s true that people reading a post/article will skip through to find key messages. Why not make their life easier (and allow them to read efficiently) by making words bold, italic, using bullet points, increasing text font, in order to allow key points to emerge.

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