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A Solid Self-Employment Deduction!

asedSelf-employed plumbers, veterinarians, computer consultants, and anesthesiologists have a new friend in Washington. It’s called H.R. 3407–House of Representatives Bill 3407–an act that proposes to restore the full home-office deduction to them and the thousands of other Americans who work for themselves from a home office but perform their services out in the field.

The Supreme Court sandbagged that group last year when it ruled in the Commissioner of lnternal Revenue v. Solimon case that the home-office deduction would not be available to businesspeople who plied their trade away from their home offices—even if those offices were used exclusively for business. read more

Does Your Business Compete For Government Contracts? It Should…

afI RUN MY OWN ARCHITECTURAL FIRM, AND–THIS MAY surprise you–most of my clients are government agencies. My experience, and that of many other small-business people I know, demonstrates that there are more opportunities to get government work than a lot of people realize. Follow along as I reveal how to navigate the ins and outs of obtaining your own contracts for projects at the local, state, and federal government levels.

First off, consider this: Government agencies provide food, clothing, shelter, medical care, recreation, education, training, research, transportation, and environmental services year-round. They buy a variety of goods and consulting services, such as architectural, engineering, construction, maintenance, data processing, desktop publishing, management, health care, photography, video, graphic arts, and writing. read more

How To Handle The IRS Problems

efhIndividuals often face IRS problems whenever they failed to pay it on time and in full. It is a responsibility for every working individual or anyone who has an income to pay the necessary taxes for the welfare of the government. But when tax disputes are encountered, it can be a lot of help to visit the Internal Revenue Service and know how you can settle the payments. Ask the officer how much amount you have to pay and if there are options that you can settle it. Some individuals pay the full tax amount whenever they have received the notice but this is not applicable to those who are experiencing financial hardships. That is why, it is advisable to ask for installment agreements or offer in compromise in order to settle all these IRS problems. read more

Am I Fully Prepared To Start Blogging?

sabtmAfter you take online courses or tutorials about how to start blogging, how will you know if you are ready now to start blogging? One way to tell if you are ready to start blogging is by using Microsoft Word and making sure the errors that are checked by the system is less than half of the total page of the document. If you see that almost more than half of one page is brightly colored by the correction line, then you are not ready and you have not enough knowledge about how to start blogging. You’re probably going to need to read good information about blogging in general.

How will you take more tests to know if you are ready to start blogging? Well, aside from typing on Microsoft Word, you can test your grammars by maybe reading more books. How? Books with complex contents will help you understand more the structures of sentences and how deep words can be used in a sentence. By the way, we are talking about books that have stories and not children’s books. There are many more ways how you can make sure you are ready. Another is by trying to talk to an English native speaker. Make sure it’s not a teenager; you should talk to an elderly that has complete and correct knowledge of the English grammar. read more