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Make Your Blogs SEO-Friendly

We live in an era where technology rules. It’s all around us and we can’t get away from it because that’s what everyone uses too. And remember what they say if you can’t beat it, join it. Technology is here to stay and there is no denying it. We may hype up its benefits but it has its limitations too and it somehow made our lives a little more complex whether you acknowledge it or not. These new innovations burst like a vacuum that draws people in. And with it came many other tech advancements that define the modern life that we know of today.

The use of social media became an obsession to many too and smart technology became available to everyone who can afford a smart device. The Internet of Things made everything so interconnected without us fully knowing or realizing it and it left everyone unable to keep their hands off their smartphones. There is an advantage here, though, if you are someone who is business-minded and can see potential rather than challenges. If there is one thing that is literally all over the web today, it has to do with content. Whatever your niche is, you can write up something about it and share it with your followers or consumers. Blogging is the most popular one of all as it allows the writer to connect with people on a more personal level yet at the same time provide the writer with a steady stream of income that was unheard of in the past. However, it is not always that easy to start a profitable blog. Here’s why.

The digital marketing landscape has evolved significantly over the last two decades. And between Google’s ever-changing algorithm and the deluge of misinformation floating through the digital marketing sphere, it’s easy to lose sight of basic practices we should be employing in our own SEO and content marketing strategies.

With every new algorithm update and technological shift in search, we become obsessed with how the field of SEO will enter a wholly new paradigm, and we shift our focus to reflect this. Yet as much as the medium may change, the core principles remain the same — and it’s time to get back to the basics.

We all understand the secrets and best practices of SEO, so why do we often fail to leverage these tactics? Let’s explore five common blogging mistakes you may be making right now.

(Via: https://searchengineland.com/5-easy-miss-blog-mistakes-281795)

You can’t just easily take KEYWORD out of the equation since that is basically how people look up contents on the web. By using it right, you’d be able to hit your target better and reach out to the people who care about your content (and product and services) the most. Take advantage of keyword research to determine your audience and then share to them the type of content they want the most.

First of all, it’s very important to realize the fact that Google isn’t the only way to grow your traffic. Sure, Google search is a big part of that process – but it isn’t the only way to do it. It totally depends on you that whether you want to still rely on organic search or not. But make sure to be safe from another algorithm update. In the following post, we are going to dig wider and deeper for more Google-less traffic strategies.

Tactic #1: Content Swap

Recently, I published a guest post and somehow it did gain popularity which led to some new traffic and Twitter followers for me. The trick, again, is to guest post at the right place – Google PageRank or Domain Authority never remained my main concern. What I required was influential blogs with real readers who will read and engage with your content.
Now content swapping is all about swapping guest posts to build links. Although it may turn out as a tedious job but trust me when you use this as a tactic, you are in the driver’s seat. It is a safe bet to say that guest posting opportunities will come to you instead of you being forced to seek them out endlessly.

(Via: http://customerthink.com/stop-worrying-about-the-seo-rankings-start-thinking-outside-the-box/)

Do not simply obsess about Google, though, if you are a blogger. While it is the largest and most influential search engine in the land today, it is not the be all and end all of everything. You can maximize the use of your content by using social media and influencers who have lots of followers to create buzz to your page or site but there’s more that you can do without going far. You can likewise tap other search engines like Bing, which comprises roughly 36% of US searches. So, explore your options well and extend your reach as far as you can because you never know when you’ll be able to hit a goldmine. If you have the budget, various types of online advertising can only work for you just as long as you already have a plan in place so as not to waste your efforts.

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