Meet And Greet With Some Of The Brightest Minds In Science

The world is full of all sorts of people. From the smartest and the not so gifted, you’ll interact with these people as you journey in life. If you have an interest in the sciences and want to rub elbows with the nation’s brightest, joining a science fair or conference is the best thing to do. It provides you an avenue to meet like-minded individuals and be updated on the latest developments of various science programs or projects.

Even students can also benefit from these science conferences since it provides them with education opportunities they don’t often have in the four corners of the classroom especially if you have a keen interest in science yourself. The world at large may think of people with scientific interests as nerds and dorks but the truth is their profession is highly collaborative and they get to share ideas and communicate with other scientists like themselves and not just have their heads buried in books or busy with complex science experiments.

First of all, why do you go to conferences? 

I find conferences rejuvenating. They are inspirational and energizing opportunities to connect with the greater scientific community, think about new strategies to approach my research, contemplate the bigger picture, and establish collaborations. A good conference has the capacity to bring a scientist, no matter their career stage, out of a slump.
– Tenaya Vallery, doctoral candidate in molecular biophysics and biochemistry at
Yale University

For me, the main benefits are meeting people, honing my communication skills, discussing ideas, and getting input about my work. Often, the inquiries I receive about collaborations and job openings are from people I met at conferences.
– Nonne Prisle, associate professor in atmospheric science at the
University of Oulu in Finland

Papers usually make it seem like the experimental results discovered themselves, and going to conferences allows me to find out about the human motivation and broader context. I also like getting new perspectives on science, making new friends (as life as a graduate student can be a little insular), and the chance to discover a new city.
– Julian West, doctoral candidate in chemistry at
Princeton University

(Via: https://www.sciencemag.org/careers/2017/05/how-get-most-out-attending-conferences)

Any scientist knows that attending these conferences not only builds up their resumes but gives them a chance to learn more about new and upcoming innovative technologies you don’t just hear in the daily news.

The event, which saw the organisation collaborate with the council, Fundacion Descubre and the company Fun Science, will take place on 2, 3 and 4 June, under the name “AteneoConCiencia.”

Fuensanta Lima, Councillor for Culture, commented, “once again the council is helping children learn about science through practical activities and conferences tailored for all.” She added the conference was the, “fruit of public initiatives and different organisations, and a great addition to the cultural programme already offered in the area.”

The event will include children exhibitions, workshops and informative conferences on science and health. In the Cortijo Don Elias, there will also be an exhibition entitled ‘Crystals of life’, which will explore the history of crystals and their influence on daily life.

(Via: https://www.rtnnewspaper.com/2017/05/science-wiz/)

If you think that science fairs and conferences are just for boring adults, then you are largely mistaken. It is even better to expose young kids to these fairs to open their minds to the scientific world even at a young age. Making science a fun concept to learn will help them embrace new scientific learning with ease and save them from the dread and challenges most kids feel about difficult science subjects at school. Not only that, the world of science becomes a more tangible thing for their young minds as they get to try interactive workshops during the fair that aren’t available in their schools just yet.

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