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Safety Tips When Going To Concerts

Many are scared to go out in crowds amidst the recent Manchester attack and various terrorist activities happening all over the globe. Since terrorists want to sow fear and stir up confusion and panic among people and nations, they prefer to stage their terror tactics in crowded places where there can be many casualties. Among the most recent is an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, UK where fans died and got injured when the bomb went off.

However, there are individuals who can’t help themselves but go to the concerts of their favorite artists they like because it is that once in a lifetime opportunity for them to go see these celebrities for real regardless of the risks now involved. If that’s the case, then you should know about concert safety tips that may save your life in the event of a terror attack or an unfortunate accident.

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May deployed military troops to work with police at concerts, sports events and other public gatherings the night after a suicide bomber claimed 22 lives outside a pop concert at the Manchester Arena, the New York Times reports. After meeting with top intelligence officials, May raised Britain‘s terrorism threat level to the highest level, “critical,” for the first time in a decade. 

“I do not want the public to feel unduly alarmed,” May said in a statement earlier. “This means that their assessment is not only that an attack remains highly likely but that a further attack may be imminent … It is a possibility we cannot ignore that there is a wider group of individuals linked to this attack.” 

(Via: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/uks-may-sends-military-to-concerts-sports-events-w483933)

Increased police visibility at large-scale events has helped ease the fear and panic that people in the UK now feel in the wake of the terror bombing that took away the lives of Ariana fans and left many injured.

In addition to making the access to events more tedious, added security could lead to higher ticket prices to cover costs.

“Just like when we stopped allowing liquids on planes, and started requiring you to take your shoes off at the airport, it’s a nuisance, but it’s a necessary nuisance,” said Manuel Gomez of MG Security Services. “As these things evolve, we evolve with them.”

Whatever form new security measures take, experts said they are likely to be implemented quietly. “A promoter or venue will never say, ‘Because of Bataclan we’re doing X,’ or ‘Because of Manchester we’re doing Y,’ because they don’t want to worry people,” said Steve Adelman, vice president of the Entertainment Safety Alliance.

Indeed, the government has reviewed their security guidelines and ensured that nearby areas are also included during big events with thousands of people in attendance.

Before the Event / When You Arrive:

  1. Review the seating chart and familiarize yourself with the layout of the venue and the location of your seat. You may want to download the chart to your phone.

  2. Do a search online to see if the event or performers have been a target of violent threats.

  3. Check the venue’s website to see if there’s information posted about its security efforts.

  4. Parents: Consider requiring adult supervision for kids and teenagers.

  5. With the rest of your party, think ahead about what your game plan will be in the event of an emergency: What will you do? How will you communicate? Where will you go?

  6. When you get to the venue, keep an eye out for the emergency exit closest to your seat — just like on an airplane.

  7. Take note of where event staff or security/police officers are posted.

(Via: https://www.buzzfeed.com/reggieugwu/manchester-live-event-safety-tips?utm_term=.ajglrW4QG#.lsKdEL6zm)

Knowing all these tips can help you make it out alive in big crowds in the unfortunate case of a terror bombing that seem to be happening all over the globe right now. Terrorists are becoming more brazen and they want to destroy the world order by dividing people and destabilizing the government. The threat may be real these days but it does not mean your life should end because of it. You can still live life to the fullest and follow your heart just as long as you exercise enough precautions when you are out in large groups.

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