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The New Culture: Smartphone-Addicted Society

Our society has been around for years and it is our relationship with one another that has helped us build great cities, modern developments, and mind-blowing technologies. We have established certain rules and norms that defined our culture throughout history and is the reason why humanity exists the way it is today. But over the years, we have witnessed a drastic change in human behavior. These changes continue until now where you can see people being more concerned about their virtual lives than their real ones.

Sleep is only one of the biggest things we keep on losing because of our preoccupation with smart technology. Our intense fear of missing out or #FOMO urges us to push our bedtimes further and continue tinkering with our devices until the wee hours of the morning. The thing is, the world won’t come to an end if you can’t respond to a comment or like and share the status or tweet of a person or star you are following. We are living and breathing individuals that have needs far more important than our affinity to tech devices yet we now thrive in a culture where it is acceptable to lose sleep or lose that important “me time” because you are always reachable on your phone or social media. read more