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The Public’s Fascination With Marvel Movies: Is It Good Or Bad?

Life is not all about studies and work. In between, people also know how to have fun and pursue other creative interests or simply hang out with family and friends. And in the world we live in today, you can easily find something that you fancy and take an interest on. Best of all, you don’t always have to make an effort in doing so because there are many passive hobbies that take as much time albeit not an ounce of effort at all.

Watching movies is a perfect example. As long as you can find a good movie that you want to spend a good hour or two doing nothing, then you’re already saved from boredom at that moment. There are actually many good films out there that not only entertain you but have value too. You learn a lot of new things from them and they also show you a new perspective on this world.

Marvel knows everything there is to know about making blockbusters.

And it’s destroying Hollywood.

Just look at the summer’s disasters so far — and the ones looming ahead — all made, badly, according to the Marvel method. Sequels nobody asked for. Reboots of things that weren’t great the first time around. Movies so crammed full of special effects they have no room for anything else.

Pictures that exist solely as products.

It’s not that Marvel does not make amazing films because they really do, especially in the first few Marvel-themed films that were released.Unfortunately, everything looks and sounds the same after that. They spend millions on the film’s production to give us unbelievable graphics but they miss out on the innate creativity of the film’s storyline.

It’s what they’re doing to other movies that’s awful.

The problem is that Marvel has figured out a formula. It works for them, and they’re sticking to it. But no creative industry is less imaginative than Hollywood. And now everybody is building their big tentpole releases according to those magical Marvel blueprints, and everything is beginning to look the same, only worse, the way photocopies always do.

(Via: http://www.nj.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2017/06/marvel_is_bigger_than_ever_and_thats_bad_news_for.html)

These films usually enjoy positive reviews from the general public where many often spend money on watching certain Marvel superheroes on countless franchises over and over again. Like any other comic-based movie, the Marvel franchises showed us the same stuff all the time yet people still buy it.

So why is it important for Marvel to make more of an effort to include diversity in its movies? For one, on an incredibly basic level, its films are definitely starting to become a little repetitive. This trend was most noticeable to me in the latest Guardians of the Galaxy movie, where I couldn’t help but wonder when the last time I’d sit through a movie watching a white guy named Chris save the world would be. Sure, they all have their respective squads to back them up, but even in those, there’s usually only one or two women or people of color present. And when they are there, they are never given the task of being the “main” hero; they’re never responsible for the final push toward victory. They help, of course, as part of the team, but the main struggle almost always resides with the white man.

Yet while an interesting storyline is important, the main reason Marvel needs to start including more diversity is simple authenticity. As crazy as it seems, white men aren’t the only people in this world who have stories worth telling. And although Marvel is a company that strictly deals with the fantastical, superhero genre, it’s already proven it’s capable of sharing different stories within its comics. By adapting these stories to fit on the big screen, it would be reaching out to a whole new set of people who may not have connected with the franchise before.

(Via: http://www.dbknews.com/2017/05/10/marvel-comics-movies-guardians-of-galaxy-diversity/)

It seems that Marvel movies these days only excel in special effects but fail to deliver the magic these stories had been when they were still confined to the pages of well-loved Marvel comic books – not just reboots and remakes of the same stuff. The problem with this Marvel trend is that they’re not just as captivating anymore but more so on how they affect other movies being released as of this time. It’s as if they are written on the same template and offer us a taste of something we have already seen in countless sequels – albeit over and over and over again.

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